Apartment Bye Laws in Andhra Pradesh

e) Description of the common areas and facilities, if any, indicating the apartments whose use is reserved: I am the president of a housing association in Hyderabad. There are 59 apartment owners in our association. The basement is not enough to create parking spaces to allow free parking for each apartment owner. The manufacturer only provided space for parking 2-wheeled vehicles. Well, if there are owners who have cars, we are allowed to charge a parking fee. Does Andhra Pradesh`s Landlords` Law require associations to collect parking spaces? Mine is the middle one. At the time of purchase, the builder told me that the cloakroom is common for all three apartments, but later an apartment built a door (the wardrobe was approaching the street side). Due to the construction of the gate, we cannot go to this site and cannot call a seller etc. Now the builder says that the apartment has been sold to them, including the common area, and that you are not allowed to approach this site. I want to know a solution to my problem. (b) `association of apartment owners` means all apartment owners acting as a group in accordance with the provisions of the statutes. (g) the charges relating to the land of the dwelling and its undivided interest at the time of the declaration: (a) the manner in which the Association of Apartment Owners is to be formed, the election of a board of directors from among the owners of the dwellings, the number of persons constituting the council, the number of members of that committee who retire each year; the powers and duties of the Board of Directors.

The fees, if any, of the members of the board of directors. The mouth of the dismissal of the members of the board of directors. The powers of a board of directors to use the services of the manager and the delegation of powers and functions to those managers. (iii) expenses agreed to by the Apartment Owners` Association as overheads; (a) its ownership of the land and building in which the dwellings are or are to be constructed; (i) after submitting to the competent authority, in accordance with Section 2, a declaration duly attached to the approved plan for the construction of the residential building; (f) the manner in which their share of common expenses is collected from the owners of the dwellings; I am one of the owners of the apartment, I am on the top floor and I have the problem during the rainy season of licking the water from the plate. despite no. In memory of our president and remember not helped to repair the plate. (m) “developer” means a person, including the owner of the land, who constructs or causes to be constructed a block or immovable of an apartment for the purpose of selling all or part of it to other persons and who includes his successors in title; and if the person developing or building and the person selling are different people, the term includes both.] (b) the manner in which meetings of the owners are called and the quorum for such meetings; I would like to draw your attention to the fact that two of our apartment owners have not paid for maintenance in the last four months. It is not possible to separate the water due to some practical problems Is it possible for us to disconnect the power supply for them? please specify. (c) the number of each dwelling together with a declaration and an indication of its location, its approximate area, the number of rooms and the immediate common space to which it has access, as well as any other data necessary for its proper identification: (a) `dwelling` means part of the property, including one or more rooms or confined spaces situated on one of the floors; which consist of a unit in an immovable, are intended to be used for residence, office, the exercise of a profession or for the exercise of a profession, a trade or an establishment or for any other independent use and with a direct exit on a public road, a road or a motorway or towards a common area leading to that road, road or highway. (iv) Expenses declared as overhead costs in accordance with the provisions of this Act or by the Law(s).

(c) Election of a President to preside over the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Association or apartment owners; The Andhra Pradesh Apartment Ownership Act provides for regulations that oversee the development and ownership of housing in the state, and this law has been in force since 1987. Knowing all the laws mentioned in the law can be a very difficult task, but to make sure you understand what all the definitions and meanings entail, and to prepare for any legal procedures you might face (even for the registration of your home), you can go through the basic definitions contained in this law. (b) Description of the building, indicating the number of shops and cellars, the number of dwellings and the main materials from which it is manufactured or to be constructed;(b) No developer may only transfer the indivisible part of the land, excluding the dwelling and all other associated common spaces and facilities.] f) the value of the property and apartment and the percentage of undivided interest in the public spaces and facilities belonging to each dwelling, and he is the owner for all purposes, including voting. (i) all amounts legally set for apartment owners by the Apartment Owners Association; Some builders may also try to rent the common areas of the apartment complex, such as the pool and parking, to other third parties. You can easily take legal action in all these cases, provided you know everything about Andhra Pradesh`s Apartment Ownership Act first. (c) `building` means a building of five or more dwellings or two or more buildings, each containing two additional dwellings, or a total of five or more dwellings for all buildings representing part of the patrimony. (i) if it is an apartment without the prior written consent of the buyer who intends to take the apartment; and (iii)the undivided share of land and other public spaces and facilities; (b) “director” in the course of a partnership means a member of the partnership. http Www Myhomeconstructions Com Images Projects Abhra Abhra By Laws Regd Abhra Pdf. Can be read as authorized instead of taking possession of the allot to take a position. (ii) receipt of the required certificate of completion and the certificate of proficiency from the local authority concerned; and (ii) foundations, columns, beams, beams, columns, main walls, roofs, including terraces, hallways, corridors, stairs, stairs, emergency exits and entrances and exits to and from the building; Buy Andhra Pradesh Apartments Act Telugu Book Online At Low (d) Choose a secretary to keep a logbook in which the resolution is recorded; (v) installations for general services such as electricity, lighting, gas, hot and cold water, heating, cooling, air conditioning and combustion; I bought an apartment in Majestic Towers.. .