Welcome to Student Welfare Division…

Student welfare division of the university handles all the welfare activities of the students. Following are the main functions of this division.

  1. Providing accommodation facilities and canteen facilities
  2. Payment of Mahapola , Bursary and other scholarships
  3. Facilitate to obtain Laptop loans and season tickets
  4. Handling student unions activities and registration of subject societies
  5. Conduct student council elections
  6. Appointment of Academic sub wardens
  7. Providing other services (Tailor shop, Salon, Photocopy Services, Milk & Milk food outlets)

A member of the academic staff has been appointed as the Director, welfare to advice student welfare division regarding student welfare.  Student welfare division handles all above activities under the direction of  Deputy Registrar. Following e-mail addresses and contact number have been reserved to submit student issues directly to the welfare division.

  1. Mahapola issues : usjmahapola@gmail.com
  2. Bursary issues : usjbursary@gmail.com
  3. Hostel issues : usjhostel@gmail.com
  4. Other issues : usjwelfare@gmail.com
  5. Contact Number : 0112803471

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