Canteens and Other Service

The university has a chain of canteens. They are located within faculties and also in other areas. The welfare division supervises the quality and hygiene of the food and the cleanliness of the canteens. A variety of food and beverages can be obtained for very reasonable prices.



Open Canteen

Indian Food House

Student Centre (GYM) Canteen

Management Faculty Canteen

Sky Cafe @ FAS

Highland Milk Bar

Management Faculty Canteen

Medical Faculty Canteen – Anatomy

Sumangala Canteen

New Rahula Canteen

Wimala de silva canteen


  • Dr. Wimala de Silva Hostel Canteen
  • Open Canteen
  • Sri Soratha Hostel Canteen
  • Sri Rahula Hostel Canteen
  • Faculty of Applied Science Canteen
  • Prof. Hemaellawala Hotel Canteen
  • New Student (Kelekade) Canteen
  • Green Cafeteria @ Admin
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences  Canteen
  • Student Centre (GYM) Canteen
  • Sky Caffe @ Fas ( Faculty of Applied Science New Canteen)
  • Faculty of Engineering Canteen
  • Faculty of Technology Canteen
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies Canteen
  • Academic Staff Canteen (Santhagara)

Other Shops

  • Milk Bar
  • Indian Food House
  • Fresh Juice and Organic Food House

Co-Operative Shop

  • Tailor Shop
  • Library Photocopy Center
  • Faculty of Engineering Multi Shop
  • Faculty of Technology Co-Operative Shop