Canteens and Other Service

The following services are also available under the Student Welfare Division.

  • A tailoring shop and a salon run at the Student Centre
  • 15 canteens are run at the University premises to provide food at concessionary rates.
  1. Open Canteen
  2. Hema Ellawala Hostel Canteen
  3. Technology C1 (Student) Canteen
  4. Technology New Hostel Student Canteen
  5. Sri Rahula Hostel Canteen
  6. Wimala De silva Hostel Canteen
  7. Medical Faculty Canteen
  8. Gym Canteen
  9. Technology C2 (Staff) Canteen
  10. Sky Café
  11. Applied Science Faculty Canteen
  12. Postgraduate Canteen
  13. Rawatawatta Canteen
  14. Engineering Faculty Canteen
  15. Sri Soratha Hostel Canteen

Milk and Milk food outlets are run at the University premises.

Open Canteen

Student Centre (GYM) Canteen

Management Faculty Canteen

Sky Cafe @ FAS

Highland Milk Bar

Management Faculty Canteen

Medical Faculty Canteen – Anatomy

Sumangala Canteen

New Rahula Canteen

Wimala de silva canteen