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The University has 43 hostels to offer for accommodation. Some of these hostels are located within the university premises while others are situated in close-by areas. The total capacity of these hostels can provide accommodation up to 37% of the student population.

First and third year students are given priority in the selection process in order to be of more assistance to their studies. One and half months before the end each academic year, you will be informed about your hostel facilities for the next year.

Hostels are administered simultaneously by two senior members of the academic staff and fulltime sub-wardens. In addition there are other part-time sub-wardens appointed from the academic staff to help administration further. Hostels are equipped with able staff to handle daily services.


A set of rules and regulations are lined up for students to abide by. These are to be followed with utmost attention which benefits both students and the university.

Common conditions and rules and regulations for residential students.

Staff & Hostels

Warden (Male)

Prof.Gamini Ranasinghe 
Department of History and Archaeology
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Dr.H.P.N.Perera. (Senior Lecturer)
Department of Sports Science.
Faculty of Applied Sceinces

Sub Warden (Male)
Sub Warden (Female)

Tel: 0112518621, 0716531767

No: 70/2,Raththanapitiya Hostel

No:24/1,Egodawaththa Hostel
No: 42/2A & 42/2 B University Mw Hostel
No: 106, Colombo Road , Raththanapitiya Hostel
No: 155/67, Waththegedara Hostel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Mrs.B.B.Suneetha Kottegoda
Tel: 0113182914, 071 8601077

Dr.Wimala De Silva Hostel


Intercom: 8734
Tel: 0112758734,0714419130

Prof. Jinadasa Perera Hostel      8735    
Sirigal Mw Hostel
No: 54 Wanatha Rd Hostel
No: 552/A, Higlevel Road, Nugegoda Hostel

Mrs.Anusha Kariyawasam
Intercom: 8498
Tel: 0112758498, 0713170251

Rahula Hostel
New Rahula Hostel
No: 223/2, Kalubowila Hostel
No: 27 2nd Lane Hostel
No: 29 2nd Lane Hostel
No: 27/11, Dhaham Mawatha Hostel
No: 485/15, Higlevel Road, Nugegoda Hostel

Mr. Athula Gunarathne
Tel: 071-4419132

Wimaladharma Hostel  8736/8740  
Kotagama Wachchissara Hostel  8726
Woodland Mw,Kohuwala Hostel
45/A Rabarwaththa Road Hostel
74/5, Katuwawala Road, Hostel

Mrs.Ishani Prasadika
Intercom: 8510
Tel: 0112758510

Dharmapala Hostel
Soratha Dharmapala Hostel
No.139, G.H Perera Mawatha , Hostel    3024381

Mr. B.M Edirisinghe
Intecom: 8738
Tel: 0112758738,0712658325

Prof. Hettiarachchi Hostel
No: 108, Rubberwaththa Road Hostel
No: 136,G.H.Perera Mawatha Raththnapitiya Hostel

Mrs.Jesmin Karunarathne     
Tel: 0113132029   071-4485034

Rev.Baddegama Piyarathana Thero Hostel
42/5B Raththanapiriya Hostel

Mr. E.J.M.S.B Ekanayake
Tel: 0711838803

Pitipana Hostel,Homagama

Mrs. P.G.H.Tharanga Madushani
Intercom: 8508
Tel: 0112758508   011-2758777  071-5335179

Soratha Hostel
No. 7/18, Kapuwaththa Rd Hostel
No: 59, Maharagama Hostel

Miss. A.C.N. De Silva
Tel: 0113024381    0713437557

Pitipana Hostel, Homagama

Mrs. N.AT.T. Perera
Tel: 071-2886059

No: 90,Pathirage MW Hostel

No: 39/C, St. Rita’s Road, Rathmalana Hostel

No: 25, Boralasgamuwa Hostel