Hostels Administration and Hostels

Administration of Hostels

For the administration of hostels, two senior members of the academic staff have been appointed as wardens. For day to day administration of the hostels the full time sub wardens are appointed. In addition, members of the academic staff have been appointed as part-time sub wardens. Employees have been appointed to hostels for other services.

Warden (Male)

B.A.Sumanajith Kumara

Senior lecture

Department of Geography
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Tel : 0714439307


Dr.H.P.N.Perera. (Senior Lecturer)
Department of Sports Science.
Faculty of Applied Sceinces
Tel : 0775685760
Email : piumiri(at)

Sub Warden (Male)
Sub Warden (Female)

Tel: 0716531767

  • No: 70/2,Raththanapitiya Hostel
  • No:24/1,Egodawaththa Hostel
  • No: 106, Colombo Road , Raththanapitiya Hostel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Mrs.B.B.Suneetha Kottegoda
Tel: 071 8601077

  • Dr.Wimala De Silva Hostel


Ext no: 8734
Tel: 0714419130

  • Prof. Jinadasa Perera Hostel
  • Hemaellawala Hostel
  • Sirigal Mw Hostel
  • No: 54, Wanatha Rd Hostel

Mrs.Anusha Kariyawasam
Ext No : 8498
Tel: 0112758498

  • Rahula Hostel
  • Rahula New Hostel
  • No: 223/3, Kalubowila Hostel
  • No: 108, Hostel


Mr. Athula Gunarathne
Tel: 071-4419132

  • Wimaladharma Hostel
  • Kotagama Wachchissara Bikku Hostel
  • No: 74/5, Katuwawala Road, Hostel
  • No: 155/67, Waththegedara Hostel 


Mrs.Ishani Prasadika
Ext No : 8511
Tel: 0712761737

  • Dharmapala Hostel
  • Soratha Dharmapala Hostel

      Mr. B.M Edirisinghe
     Tel: 0712658325

  •  Prof. Hettiarachchi Hostel
  • No: 485, Hostel
  • No: 552,Hostel
  • No: 136,G.H.Perera Mawatha Hostel

Mrs.Jesmin Karunarathne     
Tel: 071-4485034

  • Rev.Baddegama Piyarathana Thero Hostel

Mr. E.J.M.S.B Ekanayake
Tel: 0711838803

  • Pitipana Hostel,Homagama

Mrs. P.G.H.Tharanga Madushani
Ext No: 8507
Tel: 071-5335179

  • Soratha Hostel
  • No: 30/22, Meda Mawatha Hostel

Miss. A.C.N. De Silva
Tel: 0713437557

  • Pitipana Hostel, Homagama

Mrs. N.AT.T. Perera
Tel: 071-2886059

  • No: 90,Pathirage MW Hostel
  • No: 39/ 1C, St. Rita’s Road, Rathmalana Hostel
  • No: 25, Boralasgamuwa Hostel
  • No: 22/30,Mada mawatha Hostel

The following hostels are run by the university. Some of these hostels are located within the university premises while some others are located outside the university premises. With all these hostels accommodation could be provided for 6999 students. In providing residential facilities the first year and the final year students are given priority and selection will be made on criteria approved by the University. All resident students should pay the fees prescribed by the University. All residential students should follow the stipulated rules and regulations.


Hostel located within the university premises

  1. Kotagama Vachissara Bhikku Hostel
  2. Wimaladharma Boys Hostel
  3. D.E. Hettiarachchi Boys Hostel
  4. Hema Ellawala Boys Hostel
  5. Jinadasa Perera Boys Hostel
  6. Rahula Girls Hostel
  7. New Rahula Girls Hostel
  8. Soratha Girls Hostel
  9. Dharmapala Girls Hostel
  10. Wimala de Silva Ladies Hostel
  11. Baddegama PiyarathanaThero Girls Hostel
  12. Pitipana Boys Hostel
  13. Pitipana Girls Hostel

Hostels Located outside the University premises.

  1. Rathnapitiya Boys Hostel ,No.01 70/2, University Mw. Ratthanapitiya, Borelesgamuwa
  2. Raththnapitiya Boys Hostel,No.02 136, G. H. Perera Mw. Rattanapitiya, Borelesgamuwa
  3. Kalubowila, Sirigal Mw Boys Hostel,6/12, Sirigal Mw. Kalubowila Dehiwela
  4. Kalubowila (Female Medical Faculty) Hostel,223/2, Hospital Road, Kalubowila
  5. Wanatha Road, Boys Hostel,no 54,Wanatha Rd, Gangodawila, Nugegoda
  6. No 24/1,1st Lane, Egodawatta Boys Hostel
  7. No 39/1C, St. Reeta Mawatha, Rathmalana Girls Hostel
  8. No 90, Pathirage Mawatha, Girls Hostel
  9. No 106, ColomboRoad, Raththanapitiya, Boys Hostel
  10. No 25, ColomboRoad, Raththanapitiya, Girls Hostel
  11. No 552, HighlevelRoad, Wijerama Junction Girls Hostel
  12. No 485/15, HighlevelRoad, Wijerama Junction Girls Hostel
  13. No 74/5, KatuwawalaRoad, Maharagama Boys Hostel
  14. No 108/1, RuberwattaRd, Gangodawila Boys Hostel
  15. No 30/22, Meda Mawatha Girls Hostel
  16. No 155/67, Wattegedara Road Boralesgamuwa Boys Hostel


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