Student Councils and Societies

According to the provision of the University Act No 16 of 1978 as amended by University Act No 07 of 1985 and Act No 26 of 1988, each Higher Educational Institute

  • Shall have a Student Council for the University
  • Shall have a faculty Union for the Faculty

and its composition, duties and functions should be specified under the subsection of the Act

University Student Council

University Student Council of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura represents the whole Students Community. University student Council Consist of all member and following office bearers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Editor
  • Junior Treasurer

In addition to above officers, there should be a Senior Treasurer and he should be a senior lecturer.

Duties and Functions of the University Student Council

  • Development of feelings and harmony among University students.
  • Organization supervision of activities connected with recreation facilities, educational religious, student counselling, provision of food in consultation with the management of University.
  • To implement an exchange of views about living conditions and working conditions of students in consultation with the management of the Higher Educational Institute.
  • To represent the membership of the various committees appointed by the management regarding welfare activities of the students of the Higher Educational Institute.
  • To cooperate and assist the management of the university to maintain discipline.
  • To represent students at disciplinary inquiries.
  • To develop cultural, literary and aesthetic feelings among students and publish student magazines and journals.
  • To build an understanding among citizens of the country towards Arts, living and social welfare.
  • In organizing programmes on extension courses and adult education, work to be jointly done by the students and the University staff.
  • To safeguard the good name of the Higher Educational Institute.
  • To conduct debates on topics of public interest.
  • To develop national wellbeing and national conciliation.
  • To protect and safeguard the property of the Higher Educational Institute.
  • To take steps to improve and develop interest towards educational activities.
  • To undertake activities given by the management from time to time.


Faculty Union

Faculty union of the faculty represents all the students of the faculty. All office bearers of the union should be elected by the students of the faculty for each academic year. Faculty union consists of following office bearers.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Editor
  • Secretary
  • Junior Treasurer
  • Following other members

1.Two members for a faculty which has less than two hundred registered students.

2.Four members for a faculty which has two hundred and one to four hundred registered student.

3.Six members for a faculty which has four hundred and one to six hundred registered students.

4.Eight members for a faculty which has more than six hundred registered students.


In addition to above officers, there should be a Senior Treasurer and he should be a senior lecturer.


Duties and functions of Faculty Union:

  • Development of combined life and welfare of the faculty student community.
  • Steps to be taken to improve the academic activities of the students.
  • To safeguard the good name of the faculty and institute.
  • To incur expenditure and make recommendations to student council of the University on matters such as common welfare of the faculty student community and
  • To ensure that matters concerning academic and welfare activities of the faculty union are decided by majority vote.


Student Societies and Associations

In terms of sections of 115 & 116 of the Universities Act No 16 to 1978, as amended by University Act No 1985, the recognition of student societies and other Associations of students in the university shall be made with the approval of the council.

At present, following Student Societies and other Associations have been registered for the year 2023. 

  1. Society of Food Science and Technology.
  2. Aquatic Biology Students Association.
  3. Society of Business Administration Science.
  4. Society of History and Archaeology.
  5. Society for History and Genetic Molecular Biology.
  6. Finance Students Union.
  7. Finance Alumni Association.
  8. Buddhist Society Faculty of Medical Science.
  9. Japanese Association.
  10. Urban Green Society.
  11. Nature and photography Club.
  12. Philosophy and psychology.
  13. Association of Sport Science and Management.
  14. Leo Club.
  15. Association of Property Management Appraisal Sciences.
  16. Commerce Society.
  17. Association of Business Economics.
  18. Blue legacy (Japura) Club.
  19. AISEC.
  20. Society of Human Resources.


  • Guide lines for establishing of student society.
  1. Organizers who wish to from a society should inform to the Vice-Chancellor and obtain permission to conduct a meeting. The letter seeking permission should indicate the objectives of the proposed society.
  2. After obtaining permission from the Vice-Chancellor, should summon the meeting. Draft of the constitution containing the objectives of the society should be prepared in four copies and handed over to the student welfare branch.
  3. This draft should be referred to the committee comprising Deans and student counsellors for views and submit it to the Vice-Chancellor.
  4. After the draft is approved by the Vice-Chancellor a meeting should be summoned to select the official and the list of names of the officials should be referred to the student welfare division.
  5. Selection of officials could be done by open vote or secret ballot.
  6. At least a lecturer should be nominated as Senior Treasurer and needs the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.
  7. If it is felt that the society is not constituted properly or due to some reasonable reason there is objection to the society, it should be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor and his decision on this matter will be final.
  8. After fulfilling the requirements, the student welfare branch will register the society. After information of the registration, the society can function officially.
  9. Financial transactions should be in accordance with financial transaction of student unions. It is the responsibility of the Senior Treasurer and Junior Treasurer to ensure this.


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