Conditions and Regulations for Residential Students

Common conditions and rules and regulations for residential students

1. Residential students should occupy the rooms assigned to them and should
not change rooms without the permission of the sub-wardens.

2. The special permit issued to occupy the relevant room of the hostels should
be kept safely and produced whenever necessary.

3. Every student before taking over the room, should check the goods in the
room and sign the register. Before signing they should check whether the
glasses of the windows or louvers are broken and make an entry in the
register. All students occupying the rooms will be jointly responsible for the
contents of rooms.

4. Any goods handed over should not be removed from the hostels. Further the
permitted goods and no other goods belonging to the University should be
brought into the room.

5. Furniture, equipment, lamps, wires, walls, doors, and windows in the rooms
should not be damaged or defaced. If any damage is made, the cost of the
damage and a fine of 25% will be charged by the University.

6. Keys of the rooms and other goods should be personally handed over to the
sub wardens during vacation or when leaving the hostels or at a sudden
closure and noted to the effect. At the time of the closure of the hostels all
personal belonging should be removed and all almirahs and cupboards should
be kept unlocked.

7. All equipment fixed at common places of the hostels should be kept safely
and it is the responsibility of the resident to preserve such items.

8. It is compulsory to use the mattress and bed sheet on the mat always.

9. All resident students should live without disturbance to others and maintain
silence within the hostels.

10. All residential students should be appropriately dressed whenever they are in
common areas of the hostels and visiting the offices.

11. Identity cards issued by the University should be kept in their possession and
produced it whenever necessary.

Special rules for resident students

  1. Electrical appliances

It is strictly prohibited to use any electrical appliances other than those supplied by the University. Neither is you permitted to shift any electrical appliances that are owned by the University. It is dangerous to touch electrical appliances, plugs, switches and wires and the University will not be held responsible for any dangers.


  1. Cleanliness

Every resident student should keep the room assigned to them tidily. They should always use the dustbins provided and should not litter in other places. It is prohibited to hang clothes on windows, doors and balconies. It is their responsibility to keep the bathrooms and lavatories clean.


3. Late attendance

Resident students when leaving the hostel for purposes other than attending lectures or using the library should sign the register kept for this purpose. You should include the time of departure and return. Female students should return before 8.30 p.m. and male students should do so before 9.00 p.m.

A resident student who needs to leave the hostel for personal reasons should fill the printed form kept for the purpose and obtain formal approval from the Vice Chancellor/ Registrar/ Warden / Sub Warden.


4.Liquor and Gambling

It is strictly prohibited for students to consume liquor or take drugs at the hostels or come to the hostels after consuming liquor or drugs. It is also prohibited for students to engage in gambling



It is strictly prohibited to entertain visitors in their rooms without the permission of the Wardens / Sub-Wardens. Students who have not been provided with hostel facilities will be considered as visitors. All resident students are bound to inform the Sub-warden when visitors are found in their rooms. Visitors are permitted to enter the hostel between 7.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. is strictly prohibited to entertain visitors at other times


6.Checking of Rooms

Warden,Sub Wardens can check the rooms at any time at their discretion. To object to such checking will be considered as a breach of discipline.


7. Conduct of meetings within hostel premises

It is strictly prohibited to organize the establishment of unions or societies or organize discussions or meetings within the hostel premises without the prior approval of the Vice-chancellor. If such permission is obtained the sub-wardens should be kept informed.

8.Medical Treatment

Whenever a resident student needs to obtain medical treatment from a hospital, a vehicle pass will be issued to a sick student or representative on receipt of a written request. When such a request is made the identity card of the sick student should be produced. The issue of vehicle passes to obtain medical treatment rest with the Sub-Wardens of the hostels, Chief Security officer and the resident Assistant Registrar of the University. The resident student receiving out patient treatment should enter the details in the register kept in the hostels. When a patient is taken to hospital only two other in addition to the patient will be allowed to accompany the patient in the ambulance. The wardens and the full time Sub-wardens will be responsible in implementing these rules. Their details are given below.

Medical centre