Mahapola Scholarships, other Scholarships

The university understands the need for caring for students with special financial requirements. You have several options available to help you with such matters. The welfare division can assist your needs with the following scholarships and funds.

Mahapola scholarships

As one of the main available scholarships, the Mahapola scholarship is given to selected students. The process is principally handled by the University Grants Commission and the criteria too are decided by them.

Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund, affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs, prepares payment registers and makes decisions on all matters related to payments. It consists of ten installments per academic year. Students are informed via public notice by the welfare division about the dates on which these installments will be paid.

Conditions of the Mahapola Scholarship

1.The scholarship recipient will receive the monthly installment on the recommendation of the University depending on the progress of the academic activities.

  1. A maximum of 10 installments for an academic year will be paid for the duration of the course.
  2. In order to be eligible for the receipt of installments, students should be engaged in fulltime courses and those who do not attend courses will not be eligible to receive monthly installments.
  3. If a student fails to obtain an installment, it will be considered as an abandoned installment and such installments will not be paid again.
  4. After accepting the scholarship it will not be possible to change the course and it will not be possible to receive any other scholarship or bursary.
  5. If a scholarship recipient changes the course, or cease to follow the course, such reasons will lead to the cancellation of the scholarship.
  6. If it is necessary to postpone the course, permission should be obtained for this purpose. Permission will be granted for a maximum of one year’s postponement.
  7. It is necessary to attend lectures, tutorials and practicals and if not, the payment of installments will be stopped and action will be taken accordingly.
  8. Increase of income as a result of getting employment or engaging in business will also result in the discontinuation of the payment of installments.
  9. The final decision on scholarships and payment of installments rests with the Mahapola Trust Fund.


Apart from the Mahapola Scholarship, bursaries are the other main fund available for student financial assistance. Those who are not eligible for the Mahapola scholarship may apply for bursaries through the welfare division. Applications will be subjected to necessary criteria for selection.

Conditions governing the payment of bursaries

  1. If any declaration in the application for Bursary is found to be fault, or if an important information is withheld in the application, the registration of such a student will be cancelled.
  2. If the family income, marital status, employment status or change in the income takes place, it should be informed to the Registrar of the University in writing.
  3. Bursaries can be obtained only during the period of study. If, due to some reason, you are temporarily unable to follow the course or leave before the completion of the course, you should inform the Registrar of the University in writing.
  4. It is possible to stop payment temporarily or withhold payment due to one or more of the following reasons:
    a. Failure to sit any examination on the first occasion for any reason not acceptable by the Vice-Chancellor.
    b. Complete failure at any examination. However, if referred in the first examination, and the student is following the second year course of studies, he/she is eligible to receive the bursaries.
    c. Failure to continue studies satisfactorily.
    d. Breach of conduct.
    e. Any reason decided by the Vice-Chancellor
  5. University authorities have the right to temporary suspend, withhold payment or restore the payment of bursaries.
  6. Subject to a maximum of 10 installments, bursaries will be paid for an academic year. For whatever reason not more than 10 installments will be paid without the approval of the University Grants Commission.
  7. A student who receives the Mahapola scholarship will not be eligible for receiving any bursary.

Other scholarships and funds

The university offers more facilities to students with a range of scholarships awarded by the university as well as other institutions. As a result students receive more chances to gain assistance for their studies. Scholarship providers decide the criteria and they equally hold the right for selection.

Scholarships awarded by various institutions

  1. University Grants Commission Scholarships.
    These scholarships will be awarded to eligible students who do not receive Mahapola and other scholarships. Installments will be paid by the University.
  2. Scholarships awarded by the Education Employees Cooperative Thrift and Credit Society Limited: The children of the employees of the society who are selected to Universities will be eligible to receive this scholarship.
  3. Scholarships awarded by the Commercial Bank: Selected students will receive scholarships from the Bank.
  4. Scholarships awarded by the Department of the Public Trustee: Selected students will receive scholarships from the Department.
  5. Scholarships awarded by the Sri Lanka Police Staff Welfare Society under the welfare proposal: The children of the members of the society who are selected to Universities will receive the scholarships.
  6. Scholarships awarded by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority: The children of the employees of the institution who are selected to Universities will be eligible to receive the scholarships.
  7. Scholarships awarded by the Marine Services Private Limited: The children of the employees of the institution who are selected to Universities will be eligible to receive scholarships.
  8. Scholarships awarded by the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau: the children of the employees of the institution who are selected to Universities will be eligible to receive scholarships.
  9. Scholarships awarded by the Petroleum Corporation.
  10. Rehabilitation of Blind Trust Fund Scholarships.
  11. Scholarships awarded by the Assistance Fund of the University of Sri Jayewardenapura
  12. Jayewardenapura – Canada Alumni Association Scholarships
  13. Scholarships awarded by Raja Jewellers.
  14. Scholarships awarded by the Mitsubisihi Institution.
  15. Scholarships awarded by the Tsunami Sahana Institution.
  16. Scholarships awarded by the Y.M.B.A
  17. Scholarships awarded by CANDELAID Lanka
  18. Scholarships awarded by the Gangarama Temple, Hunupitiya.
  19. Scholarships awarded by other persons and institutions.

Scholarships awarded to students by the University during the period of their study at the University.
Award of these scholarships are dealt by their respective faculties.

  1. Raddelle Sri Pannaloka Scholarship (02 Scholarships, for Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences)
  2. Bellanwila Sri Somaratana Scholarship (02 Scholarships for Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences).
  3. Anulasiri and Aslin Dharmawardena Scholarship (Faculty of Applied Sciences)
  4. Rajakeeya Panditha Baddegama Wimalawansa Scholarship (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).
  5. Prof. Hema Ellawela Scholarship (02 Scholarship, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).
  6. Hidramani Memorial Scholarship (Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce).
  7. P.L. Perera Scholarship (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).
  8. Senaka Bibile Scholarship (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  9. Prize given by Chemical Industries (Colombo) (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  10. Scholarships awarded by Sri Lanka Medical Association (United Kingdom) (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).
  11. S.T.Sinnadurai Memorial Scholarship (Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce).
  12. A.W.Kaluarachchi Memorial Scholarship (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences).
  13. W.M.A. Weerakoon Memorial Scholarship (Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce.
  14. Prof. Wimal G. Balagalle Scholarship (Faculty of Flumanities and Social Sciences).
  15. Dr. Srimathie Wewela Scholarship (Faculty of Applied Sciences)
  16. Faculty of Applied Sciences 78 batch scholarship (Faculty of Applied Sciences)

Student relief fund

A rather recent addition to the list of funds, the student relief fund was established in 2007, with an aim to help students who are in serious need of financial assistance. University has lined up its selection  criteria for the purpose and once selected, students will receive ten installments per academic year. Any student who faces financial difficulties due to various reasons, may contact the welfare division and request to be considered for the receipt of the fund. The university identifies this program as one of their fastest approved funds.