Payment of Bursary

Payment of Bursary to Senior Students according to Commission Circular No: 03/2019

For the purpose of considering to pay Bursary as per Commission Circular No: 03/2019, it has been decided to call applications from University Students (Academic Year 2012/13,  2013/14,  2014/15,  2015/16 and 2016/17) those who do not receive Mahapola Scholarship and Bursary.

Accordingly, the University Students belong to the above academic years and those who need Bursaries, are kindly requested to obtain the relevant appeal form from Welfare website and handover the duly filled application forms attested by the Grama Niladhari and Divisional Secretary, attaching the relevant certificates, to the Student Welfare Division by signing the register maintained at the Division for this purpose.


Student Welfare
Student Welfare Division
University of Sri Jayewardenepura



Apart from the Mahapola Scholarship, bursaries are the other main fund available for student financial assistance. Those who are not eligible for the Mahapola scholarship may apply for bursaries through the welfare division. Applications will be subjected to necessary criteria for selection.

Conditions governing the payment of bursaries

  1. If any declaration in the application for Bursary is found to be fault, or if an important information is withheld in the application, the registration of such a student will be cancelled.
  2. If the family income, marital status, employment status or change in the income takes place, it should be informed to the Registrar of the University in writing.
  3. Bursaries can be obtained only during the period of study. If, due to some reason, you are temporarily unable to follow the course or leave before the completion of the course, you should inform the Registrar of the University in writing.
  4. It is possible to stop payment temporarily or withhold payment due to one or more of the following reasons:
    a. Failure to sit any examination on the first occasion for any reason not acceptable by the Vice-Chancellor.
    b. Complete failure at any examination. However, if referred in the first examination, and the student is following the second year course of studies, he/she is eligible to receive the bursaries.
    c. Failure to continue studies satisfactorily.
    d. Breach of conduct.
    e. Any reason decided by the Vice-Chancellor
  5. University authorities have the right to temporary suspend, withhold payment or restore the payment of bursaries.
  6. Subject to a maximum of 10 installments, bursaries will be paid for an academic year. For whatever reason not more than 10 installments will be paid without the approval of the University Grants Commission.
  7. A student who receives the Mahapola scholarship will not be eligible for receiving any bursary.