Payment of Bursary


Students who do not receive Mahapola scholarships are eligible to apply, subject to the circulars and conditions governing Bursaries. Eligible students will receive ten installments of Bursaries for an academic year. Notices indicating the dates on which Bursaries are paid will be displayed on the Students’ Welfare Division notice board and other notice boards.

Conditions governing the payment of Bursaries

  1. If any declaration in the application for Bursary is found to be false, or if important information is with held in the application, registration of such a student will be cancelled.
  2. If the family income, marital status, employment status or changes in the income take place, it should be informed to the Registrar of the University in writing.
  3. Bursaries could be obtained only during the period of study. Due to some reason if you are temporarily unable to follow the course or leave before the completion of the course, you should inform the Registrar of the University in writing.
  4. It is possible to stop payment temporarily or withholds payment due to one or more of the following reasons:
  5. Failure to sit any examination on the first occasion for any reason not acceptable by the vice-Chancellor.
  6. Complete failure at any examination. However if referred in the first examination and student is eligible to receive the bursaries by following the second year course studies.
  7. Failure to continue studies satisfactorily.
  8.  Breach of conduct.
  9. Any reason decided by the Vice-chancellor. Student Handbook.
  10. University authorities have the right to temporary suspend, withhold payment or restore the payment of bursaries.
  11. Subject to maximum of 10 installment bursaries will be paid for an academic year. For whatever reason not more than 10 installments will be paid without the approval of the University Grants Commission.
  12. A student who receives a Mahapola scholarship will not be eligible for payment of bursaries