Student Councils & Societies

Model of the constitution


  • The constitution of a society generally should follow the following principles:

1.Name of the Society :In accordance with the relevant subject Academic , social or religious  form.

2.Address   :  Should be within the University of Sri Jayewardenepura

3.Membership of the society : If it is subject society it should be confined to the students following the subject.

4.Objectives of the society : Academic, Social or religious uplift.


  1. Patrons (Professors, Head of Departments Lecturer in charge of the subject)
  2. President, Vice president, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Junior Treasurer, two academics and four other committee members.
  3. Senior Treasurer should be at least a Lecturer with his concurrence approval should be obtained from the Vice Chancellor.
  4. Period of office of these office will be for one year.

Officials under (b) above should be elected by majority votes with proposals and second ments.

6.Powers and responsibilities of the officials.

i. Officials should always work under the rules regulations of the constitution.

ii. Junior Treasurer should perform duties relating to finances of the society. He should perform his duties in consultation with the Senior Treasurer. He should not be a final year student.

7.Financial Activities.

i. For activities of the society funds can be charged from the membership. Maximum that can be charge is Rs. 100/-. It for any special reason additional charge becomes necessary the approval of the Vice-Chancellor will be necessary.

ii. It will be necessary to submit a financial plan to the society to implement any major task during the official period of the society. It it becomes necessary to implement any additional task the approval of the committee should be obtained.

iii. Receipt of funds to the society in addition to payments, books would be maintained properly to show the income and expenditure. At the end of the year final accounts and the balance sheet should be prepared and audited by the Auditor appointed by the society and submitted to the final general meeting and referred to the student Welfare Branch before the expiry of two weeks of the official period of the officials.

8. Meetings

 i.  At least two general meetings should be held each year.

ii. In term of the approval rules and regulations before two weeks of the period of office annual general meeting should be summoned.

iii. The committee can decide to have special general meeting when necessary. On a written request made by not less than one third of the membership a special general meeting can be called, and this meeting should be held within 14 days.