Procedure to apply for Laptop Computer Loans

Students those who wish to apply for special loan scheme to purchase a Laptop Computer should submit following documents to the Bank (BOC or Peoples’ Bank)


    1. Duly filled Application Form
    2. Studentship letter to verify the studentship
    3. A quotation obtained from a Computer Vendor


  • Application Forms could be obtained from the relevant Bank or could be downloaded from the website of the Welfare Division (
  • Studentship letters for Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Applied Science are issued by the Academic, Student Affairs & Publication Division of the University.
  • Students of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce should apply studentship letter through website of the Examination Unit of the Faculty.
  • Studentship letters for other Faculties are issued by the relevant Faculties

New entrants are requested to visit University Grants Commission’s web site: to obtain more information regarding this.


Senior Assistant Registrar
Student Welfare Division